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In today’s economy, relationships in the construction industry are important in being successful. Having the right mix of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants on a project can determine the level of success the project will achieve. What better way to know the people you may be working with than to network with them outside of the office environment. That is even a great way to become acquainted with your competition!

PCEA and the local Upstate Chapter serves as a valuable networking and business development tool while building professional relationships which make project teaming, client development and peer relations happen. Active chapters meet on a regular monthly basis. This offers enough networking to last a lifetime.

The mix of members of PCEA is what makes the networking a large success. Of the current membership in the Hampton Roads Chapter, 27% are General Contractors, 48% are Subcontractors, 11% are Suppliers and 14% are Consultants to the Construction Industry (architects, estimating professionals, insurance representatives, etc.). Whatever your needs might be in the construction industry, the Upstate Chapter of PCEA is there for you.

Join us at a meeting anytime. Let us know you are coming, and we will make your night special.

Education of employees in any environment, in any industry, is what will allow the employee to gain valuable information needed to perform their job specific tasks and provide the ability to advance their skills. The advances in technology are enough of a challenge to keep up with that without education an employee or a company can get left behind.

Professional Construction Estimators Association of America and the Upstate Chapter offers a comprehensive and relevant mix of educational programs that helps to build the body of knowledge that constitutes the discipline of construction estimating. Membership provides access to the latest industry and technology trends. Leadership training and tools to excel as professionals in the construction industry are a part of the education offered to members.

PCEA members have always been active in the promotion of construction education for the betterment of the industry. The Upstate Chapter works diligently to coordinate, develop and establish programs to assist and enhance the educational endeavors in the community while pursuing the goals of membership. The Chapter supports educational programs ranging from, but not limited to, scholarships to local students, providing construction instructors, and introducing construction as a trade to students.  The National Ted G. Wilson Memorial Scholarship funds scholarships in all states that are represented by PCEA.   

Estimators have to be smart people to assist their companies in survival in this challenging economy. So what better way to sharpen the skills of your estimators and project managers than to enroll them into Professional Construction Estimators Association right now.

The Upstate Chapter of the Professional Construction Estimators Association of America is proud to bring to the membership and guests programs of interest to the construction industry. Even though the title of the organization references “estimators” many of our members are more than just estimators. Therefore, the information provided in these construction related programs increase the awareness of trends in the industry as well as the latest advances in technology. With these programs, the Chapter promotes the construction industry and even estimating as a professional field of endeavor as well as enhancing the personal progress of those attending. This comprehensive and relevant mix of educational & informative programs helps build the body of knowledge that constitutes the discipline of construction estimating.

The Chapter Board of Directors works diligently each year to find new and informative programs that will benefit everyone. Construction related programs may include presentations on:

  • Green Roofing
  • Loss Control & Prevention in the Construction Industry
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Tours of In-Progress Construction Projects
  • On-Screen Take-Off Systems
  • Construction Contract Law
  • LEED Program
  • Design/Build Forum
  • Construction Safety
  • Environmental Programs
  • Construction Scheduling
  • American Red Cross
  • Construction related programs      


Membership in PCEA and the Upstate Chapter provides a considerable benefit to anyone within the construction industry. Access to the cutting edge techniques, tools and procedures available to the construction industry are made available through membership and participation. Join us at a meeting anytime. Let us know you are coming and we will make your night special. Better yet, complete your membership application and become a part of our growing chapter.

So now is the time to reward yourself or someone within your organization. Where else can you obtain the networking, educational and informative opportunities at such a reasonable cost?


The Upstate Chapter of Professional Construction Estimators Association participates in Community Service projects throughout the years and encourages our members and potential members to be a part of this service to the community. Individual members are involved in a variety of Community Service opportunities.

Through our Scholarship program, the Chapter supports the community by providing educational opportunities to individuals that are furthering their education in construction related fields. The Chapter provides one scholarship and works with the National Office on providing one scholarship for the state as well. Recently, the chapter added an annual scholarship that benefits a dependent (child or grandchild) of a chapter member that is attending college in any program.

Membership in PCEA and the Upstate Chapter is not a requirement for anyone to be a valuable asset within the community. There are many ways you can help those that need your assistance. The Upstate Chapter is a platform for you to provide assistance in a different method. We invite you to become a member and help us support our community. Through community service, we can promote the construction industry as well as Hampton Roads PCEA as well as have the satisfaction of working with those in need.


The Upstate Chapter of PCEA offers all of the above opportunities for a great value. As a Pre-Paid member a minimum of 10 events are held annually which are covered in the annual dues. This always includes dinner wherever we meet.  The annual dues also includes the National Association fees.

Value? How do you put a price on Networking? How many times has meeting the right person assisted you in obtaining that right job for yourself or your company? In today’s economy climate, having a friend or colleague anywhere can possibly be the edge you need.

Value? How do you put a price on being all you or your fellow employees can be? Who will fill our shoes when it comes to retirement if we don’t educate the next generation?

Value? Staying fresh with what is going on in our industry provides all of those that participate in the programs and tours the latest in cutting edge information.

Value? Supporting the community is the best way to give back and is Priceless!

So, Why PCEA? Because it is the best group of construction individuals I know. We are not just estimators. We are project managers, business development professionals, company owners, sales representatives and dedicated advocates for our industry. It is never too late for you to be a part of Upstate PCEA. We are here to serve our membership and our industry.

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Contributions, gifts or payments to the Professional Construction Estimators Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.  However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expense.

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